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Sedge Garden  UMC Preschool
Serving  our community for 50+ years !!     Est. 1969
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About Sedge Garden Prescool
The Sedge Garden United Methodist Preschool (established in 1969) is a church preschool based on Christian principles and teachings. We welcome all children and their families to Sedge Garden Preschool, a "child-centered” environment. 


Toddlers to 30 months - Friday MMO

Toddlers – Tuesday and Thursday

2 years olds – MW or MWF or TTh

Pre-k 3 year olds – MWF or TTH

Pre-k 4 year olds – MWF or M-F

Pre-k 5 years old – M-F

Developmentally Appropriate Activities

Classroom Activities: Art, Manipulatives, 
Music and Movement, Pre-reading & Writing
 Activities, Phonemic Awareness, 
Story Time, Puppetry, Puzzles, Science Exploration
Enrichment Activities: Storybook Theatre, Music, Fire Prevention,Annual Spring Program, 
Presidents’ Room,Spiritual Activities: Daily 
Devotions, Chapel Time, Mission Projects, Special Family Activities: Open House,  Spring Picnic,Family Fun Night, Pumpkin Patch and Hayride.

Preschool Objectives: 

1. To provide a happy and Christian environment in which all children can grow physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. 

2. To help the children develop a philosophy of life that is in harmony with Christian principles. 

3. To provide opportunities for the church, school and home to work together in meeting the needs of the child. 

4. To help the child bridge the gap between home and school and to achieve readiness for elementary school. 

5. To provide the child with the satisfying experiences in working and playing with those of his/her own age. 

6. To provide opportunities for self-expression, investigation and participation in group activities. 

7. To maintain a balanced program of activity, quiet work, and relaxation. 

8. To help the child grow at his/her own pace, encouraged and guided by warm and loving adults.